Les terre-neuvas sont les pêcheurs qui, du xvie siècle au xxe siècle, partaient chaque année des côtes européennes pour pêcher la morue sur les grands Bancs de Terre-Neuve, au large du Canada. Cette pêche a pris fin à cause de la raréfaction du poisson à la fin du xxe siècle due à la surpêche.

Cette peinture, réalisée au dos du musée des terres-neuvas de Saint-Malo, à l’occasion de la cinquième biennale d’art urbain à Saint-Malo, évoque cette pêche qui fût longtemps l’une des ressources principales de ce port Breton.

The terre-neuvas were the fishermen who, from the 16th to the 20th century, set out each year from the European coasts to fish for cod on the large Banks of Newfoundland, off the Canadian coast. This fishery came to an end due to the scarcity of fish in the late 20th century as a consequence of overfishing.

This painting, made on the back of the Terre Neuvas Museum in Saint-Malo, on the occasion of the fifth urban art Biennial in Saint-Malo, evokes this fishing which was for a long time one of the main activities of this Breton port.

Brez 72 Tenage kicks 2022

photos : Alaint Amet

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BREZ Mathias, born in 1972, live in Rennes. Son of farmers, an happy childhood in the countryside with his siblings in 1980, his family emigrated to Rennes, a small town in province. Plunged booming 80s, he discovers the Comics, Gotlib, fluide glacial, Letendre, Loisel, Japanese animated series and Graffiti trought Flashdance. In the late '80s, he made ​​use of local precursors and becomes a hiphop activist. With members of Graffiteam, he organized many meetings, exhibitions, events goshawks that culture. In 2013, with Patrice POCH, he created the International Urban Art "TEENAGE KICKS" that will bring in Rennes nearly 70 international artists. His artistic process explores several approaches, most often contextual, visual interventions, installations, collages, new muralism, featuring illustrations and characters closely with selected media, the location, the real or imagined history. Moreover, under the set of letters BREZ72 a calligraphic work away from the very coded language of traditional graffiti, playing the adversarial balance between freedom of abstraction and constraint typographical reading.