A collaborating paint with Bims in 2018 for a new gymnase in Rennes.

The gymnase was abandonned during a few years and was a graffiti playground for the local scene. We tried to make a combinasion beetween our work and the sports signetic and integrate some ghost of graffiti inside an abstract composition.


Here is a wall we did with my partner BIMS in 2019. We tryed to talk about communication and made a analogy with language and graffiti. As people don’t understand the sign language, then can feel something when they see it. We called it “Kravn Majojn”, you can translate it as “for hands” in Esperanto, an universal language. The four hands is ours, but it’s also the four hands we used in sign language in this painting to describe the four letters of our graffiti name’s. If people can’t read our graffiti name, they can feel a sensation about how it is written, and that’s the point of this writing paint.


Sweet home

Pierre-marie is a good harpsichord player, he asked me to paint this abstract composition wall in his living room in Rennes. The intention was to paint a composition with a musical feeling and a flat design, i also painted some lines are detached from the background that remind me the typical sound of the harpsichord.