Concrete Catédrale

In 2018, the Colas Foundation invited me to paint a concrete industrial site in Béziers, in the south of France. It was a special task for me to turn an industrial building into an art sculpture. I decided to use my method of deconstruction and use different shapes and colors to wrap the building. The final result remind me of the stainless glass of a cathedral. I was pleased with the analogy with a religious building and an industrial site.


In 2019, I was invited by wonderwall organisation in Cognac, France. Hotel d’yeuse commissioned work to create murals in a bedroom and living room.The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden ans landscape with mature trees.

This garden is managed and animated by an organisation who have a seedbank for caring about the old seeds. I’m very aware about this concept of seeds. That’s why i decided to paint these three differents scenes in this rococo’s bedroom inspired by the seedbank.