Here is a wall we did with my partner BIMS in 2019. We tryed to talk about communication and made a analogy with language and graffiti. As people don’t understand the sign language, then can feel something when they see it. We called it “Kravn Majojn”, you can translate it as “for hands” in Esperanto, an universal language. The four hands is ours, but it’s also the four hands we used in sign language in this painting to describe the four letters of our graffiti name’s. If people can’t read our graffiti name, they can feel a sensation about how it is written, and that’s the point of this writing paint

Kravn Manoj est un mur que nous avons peint en 2019 avec mon partenaire BIMS. Nous avons essayé de parler de communication avec le public en utilisant une analogie entre le graffiti et le langage des signes. Car même lorsque l’on ne décode pas le langage des signes, on est tout de même capable de ressentir et de le regarder avec intérêt. “Krav Manojn” signifie quatre mains en Esperanto, un langage universel. Ces quatre mains sont les nôtres, ce sont aussi ici les quatre lettres qui représentent nos noms d’artiste. Si le public ne peut pas lire nos noms, ils peuvent tout de même ressentir la façon dont nous l’écrivons, c’est le point de vue de cette peinture écrite.


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BREZ Mathias, born in 1972, live in Rennes. Son of farmers, an happy childhood in the countryside with his siblings in 1980, his family emigrated to Rennes, a small town in province. Plunged booming 80s, he discovers the Comics, Gotlib, fluide glacial, Letendre, Loisel, Japanese animated series and Graffiti trought Flashdance. In the late '80s, he made ​​use of local precursors and becomes a hiphop activist. With members of Graffiteam, he organized many meetings, exhibitions, events goshawks that culture. In 2013, with Patrice POCH, he created the International Urban Art "TEENAGE KICKS" that will bring in Rennes nearly 70 international artists. His artistic process explores several approaches, most often contextual, visual interventions, installations, collages, new muralism, featuring illustrations and characters closely with selected media, the location, the real or imagined history. Moreover, under the set of letters BREZ72 a calligraphic work away from the very coded language of traditional graffiti, playing the adversarial balance between freedom of abstraction and constraint typographical reading.