Le Mans, Quartier horizon, 2020

Dans le cadre du festival Plein Champs Off, la municipalité du Mans m’a sollicité afin de réaliser des peintures murales dans le nouveau quartier “Horizon”, occupant l’ancienne friche du site militaire (GIAT). Depuis 2018, une partie du chantier de la ZAC de la cartoucherie est à l’arrêt suite à la découverte de la présence d’une petite plante nommée Hélianthème Faux alysson.

Dans ce monde si brutal il est fascinant qu’une petite plante insignifiante puisse parfois mettre à l’arrêt tout un programme immobilier. Cela m’a donné envie de travailler sur les plantes dites indésirables en m’inspirant librement de planches de botaniques. Et de faire un parallèle avec le graffiti, qui lui aussi, indésirable dans l’espace urbain, prends sa place là le vide s’installe.

Photographie ©Alain Amet

Photographie ©Alain Amet

As part of the Plein Champs Off festival, the city of Le Mans commissioned me to create mural paintings in the new “Horizon” district, which occupies the former wasteland of the military site (GIAT). Since 2018, part of the construction site of the ZAC de la Cartoucherie has been at a standstill following the discovery of the presence of a small plant named Hélianthème Faux alysson.

I found it fascinating in this world so brutal that a little insignificant plant can sometimes stop an entire property development. This has made me decide to work on the so-called undesirable plants, freely inspired by botanical plates. And to establish a parallel with graffiti, which is also undesirable in the urban space, where the void takes place.

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BREZ Mathias, born in 1972, live in Rennes. Son of farmers, an happy childhood in the countryside with his siblings in 1980, his family emigrated to Rennes, a small town in province. Plunged booming 80s, he discovers the Comics, Gotlib, fluide glacial, Letendre, Loisel, Japanese animated series and Graffiti trought Flashdance. In the late '80s, he made ​​use of local precursors and becomes a hiphop activist. With members of Graffiteam, he organized many meetings, exhibitions, events goshawks that culture. In 2013, with Patrice POCH, he created the International Urban Art "TEENAGE KICKS" that will bring in Rennes nearly 70 international artists. His artistic process explores several approaches, most often contextual, visual interventions, installations, collages, new muralism, featuring illustrations and characters closely with selected media, the location, the real or imagined history. Moreover, under the set of letters BREZ72 a calligraphic work away from the very coded language of traditional graffiti, playing the adversarial balance between freedom of abstraction and constraint typographical reading.