Here is a serie of painting i start three years ago. I was trying to put on canvas a composition of colors and shapes i’m using in my graffiti on walls. Obviously, the result is completly diffĂ©rent than a wall, for a good raison. Translate the energie we have with our body in front of a wall was impossible for me, a canvas is too small for that.

I finaly find a way to keep a graffiti touch, with a technique we build by digging a hole in the cap of a paint spray can. This special Technique called stencil cap allows you to find the pencil line, thin and imprecise, a litle dirty as i like it.

The way i build my painting is often spontaneous, I start by drawing on a piece of paper that I will try to translate into a colorful composition. Often I come back with a dark outline, tribute to the clear line that I have always appreciated in the comic book.

Sometime it’s just an abstract composition, and sometime i try to tell a story, put some element that make you thinking about the obsession i have. About the state of humanity, and my powerless in front this crazy world