J’ai passé 3 mois au chaud, hébergé à l’hôtel Pasteur, sans avoir pu y projeter autre chose que cet après-midi de peinture. Trop absorbé par les affaires courantes de Teenage Kicks  qui ont monopolisé toute mon énergie en 2021. Pourtant le lieu est idéal pour la création. C’est une pièce lumineuse, haute de plafond, occupée de paillasses qui ont accueillies des générations d’étudiants de la faculté des sciences depuis la fin du 19eme siècle, puis des occupations temporaires dont il reste des balafres précaires… 

C’est un masque qui est finalement apparu sur le mur de cette pièce de l’Hôtel Pasteur appelée l’antichambre. Il aura suffi trois traits dessinant un œil pour donner à cette composition, au départ abstraite, la rassurante apparence de la figure humaine. C’est étrange comme j’y reviens a chaque fois, la figure ou la lettre, comme si je ne savais pas regarder un nuage pour ce qu’il est.

I spent three months in the warmth of Pasteur’s hostel, without being able to project anything other than this painting afternoon. Too absorbed by the current affairs of Teenage Kicks which have absorbed all my energy in 2021. However, the place is ideal for creation, it’s a luminous room, with high ceilings, occupied by straw mattresses that have welcomed generations of students from the Faculty of Science since the end of the 19th century, then temporary interventions of which there are still precarious scars…

It’s a mask that has finally appeared on the wall of this room of the Hôtel Pasteur, called the antichambre. Three lines drawing an eye were enough to give this initially abstract composition the reassuring appearance of the human figure. It’s strange how I keep coming back to it, the figure or the letter, as if I didn’t know how to look at a cloud for what it is.

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BREZ Mathias, born in 1972, live in Rennes. Son of farmers, an happy childhood in the countryside with his siblings in 1980, his family emigrated to Rennes, a small town in province. Plunged booming 80s, he discovers the Comics, Gotlib, fluide glacial, Letendre, Loisel, Japanese animated series and Graffiti trought Flashdance. In the late '80s, he made ​​use of local precursors and becomes a hiphop activist. With members of Graffiteam, he organized many meetings, exhibitions, events goshawks that culture. In 2013, with Patrice POCH, he created the International Urban Art "TEENAGE KICKS" that will bring in Rennes nearly 70 international artists. His artistic process explores several approaches, most often contextual, visual interventions, installations, collages, new muralism, featuring illustrations and characters closely with selected media, the location, the real or imagined history. Moreover, under the set of letters BREZ72 a calligraphic work away from the very coded language of traditional graffiti, playing the adversarial balance between freedom of abstraction and constraint typographical reading.